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A Love Story

A Love Story Yetunde was a mountain girl. She knew this even though she had never been to the mountains. She knew this because in her magazine there was a … Continue reading

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Portico A silver breeze ruffles a curtain of green cotton, passing a crestfallen angel with red shoes. People cackle and titter and a wagon hurtles past, its destination of little … Continue reading

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Huey P Newton – A Poem

Huey P Newton – A Poem This morning I put on my crisp, white treads creased to perfection, pockets pressed down and Bob revisited me in a rock style round … Continue reading

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So today I completed re-drafting my novel. So tonight I am drinking a large glass of red wine! My head won’t leave the novel alone, I don’t feel ecstatic, I … Continue reading

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Nearly there

I’ve been really busy with work, but spent yesterday and today on my novel and am almost there. I’ve worked through the most difficult parts and am on the home … Continue reading

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Editing 2

So I just spent 4 days being a real life writer. And it was great. I haven’t got through as much as I wanted but my novel has grown by … Continue reading

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Editing v writing

I’m editing – again. And it’s taking a long time. And I almost feel as though it isn’t writing. But of course it is. And it’s probably the most important … Continue reading

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I’m a bit rubbish

It’s been more than 2 years since I updated my blog! It’s official. I’m a bit rubbish at it. I can change…

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It’s been a long time

I can’t believe I haven’t visited since October. Perhaps I’m not a blogging person! Well I’m here now, and I’ve been writing and editing and doing a thousand other things … Continue reading

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I went to a writing workshop yesterday, to observe essentially and support Commonword who had arranged the thing. It was with Bernadine Everisto and she was really good. There were … Continue reading

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