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New Year, new intentions…

I don’t think I visited here at all last year. It was busy. I moved country, job, life.

And it works for me.

What I didn’t do last year was write. Except for one short story in the summer. But I have so many more stories running around inside my head I know that this year I have to write. Often. 

I didn’t make any resolutions. But I mapped out my intentions. There’s a difference. Resolutions are negative for me. They last around 2-3 days and disappear into the resolution sin bin never to be mentioned again. But when I have intention, somehow, it works. Three years ago I thought about stopping smoking. I knew it was pointless making a new years resolution for it. Instead I intended to do it and bought Paul McKenna’s quit smoking book. Within 2 days I stopped smoking and have never looked back. I live in a country where smoking is the norm everywhere, shops, restaurants, homes. I am neither tempted nor disgusted by it. It doesn’t mean anything to me. 

Intention is where it’s at. I intend to write – regularly. And to meditate and live with compassion and love this year.



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This entry was posted on January 5, 2014 by in Fiction.
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