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A House with No Angels

The opening chapters in my novel and an introduction to the characters. Synopsis Ade arrived in Manchester when she was 17, in 1945 with James, who she had met in … Continue reading

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So it’s happening! A House With No Angels is almost ready. Front cover – check Copy edited – check Typeset – check With the printer – check I’m very excited … Continue reading

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Valley View

On the balcony hangs a glass feeder rimmed with red plastic, holding sweetness. The rain forested mountains behind show up in miniature reflecting through the glass in muted tones, carrying … Continue reading

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I was born a Valentine, literally. It’s what I was called. And yet I’ve never had time for the day itself except for those teenage yearnings for someone to love … Continue reading

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Soran to Bordeaux via a war zone

March 17 Arrange to pick up Oliver, an ex colleague, in Khalifan at 3.00 pm. Obviously I don’t leave Soran until 3.00 pm because that’s what I’m like. His phone … Continue reading

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Short Story Publication

2015 was quite an exciting year for completing projects and getting them out there. I had a short story published in Closure Anthology  which is the first Contemporary Black British anthology … Continue reading

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New Year, new intentions… I don’t think I visited here at all last year. It was busy. I moved country, job, life. And it works for me. What I didn’t … Continue reading

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Short Story Published

Short Story Published I have a short story published in this journal. But don’t just buy it for that! It’s an amazing journal with a mixture of papers and … Continue reading

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Did I mention I’d submitted my PhD

Well, I did. Back on 5 August. It was an awesome feeling. Just before I became depressed. It was the strangest feeling. I should have been doing cartwheels. And I … Continue reading

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PhD Free – almost…

Been so busy the last few weeks with work, I’ve been meeting myself coming backwards! But…I’ve also been writing, though I don’t know when – perhaps in my sleep. Not … Continue reading

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I’ve tried to update my blog today, and it’s driven me crazy. Couldn’t work out how to put individual posts onto pages, so have made categories too. Couldn’t tag on … Continue reading

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